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Feed (Make on your own)
Selective marine protein, Algae extracts, Carotenoids
  • Able to be fortified with hobbyist's ingredients
  • Excellent water stability.
  • Contains excellent protein to promote health.

*Impact on water quality.


Mix RECIPE with your favorite ingredients. EX: Beta-G, Eikoso, Astaxanthin, garlic, mashing vegetable or health food that fish doesn't like to eat.

Stick the mixed foddle on the glass where your fish is easy to approach.

   Q & A  
Q1: How do I store the mixed foddle?
A1: For your fish's health, the RECIPE doesn't contain antioxidant, so the mixed foddle will start to ferment at room temperature. Please use up within 1 hour or refrigerate it for 24 hours.

Q2: What exactly ratio of RECIPE and added ingredients is?
A2: The ratio is 1 to 1. However, your can mix more on your own experience. The more you add, the more cloudy water you get.

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